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Who we are not

Control Investors

100% of our portfolio is comprised of minority investments. No part of our approach to partnership, value creation and exit timing is guided by a control investor mindset.

Distressed Investors

We partner with entrepreneurs and have extensive experience backing companies at an inflection point, but we do not get involved in distressed or turnaround situations. We seek to drive value through growth, not downsizing.

“Crossover” Capital

We thrive in supporting and advising our portfolio companies on the journey to an IPO, including any necessary investments in people, processes, policy, infrastructure and systems. If a public offering is imminent (< 12 months), it is typically too late for our knowledge, experience and resources to make an impact.

Fast Money

Our small team of investors, operating partners and advisors has supported companies through every stage of growth. We seek to apply our experience through regular dialogue with founders and management teams, developing a shared vision. We are patient, thoughtful, diligent, and eager to roll up our sleeves. We are not just here for the ride.

Meet our Firm